The beginning (Of the End ? )

The beginning (Of the End ? )

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, I finally decided to post again. I realised that some crazy people actually read my previous crap. That inspired me :)I decided after all that my brain needs to think of things other than just work. Its been a tough day... well a tough week.. no wait.. a tough year... in fact its been a tough life.... but again its the cynic in me. Its not been that bad actually, but somehow whenever I try writing something it seems very melancholy. I guess I wont do too well at comic writing (Not that I intend to anyway).

A lot of things have been happening lately, none for the good. Last week, the company for which I work for laid off 60% of their workforce... And today Lehman Brother's went bankrupt, and AIG almost did... and Merill Lynch was bought by Bank Of America before they got into trouble... There's more to come... Doesnt sound too good does it?

Well it gets worse. We've had 3 serial bomb blasts back home in the past couple of months and nobody seems to have a clue about what needs to be done. Floods in Bihar, which nobody seems to care about and Mamata didi in Singur just makes matters worse. There are just too many negative things going on with too few positives. There doesnt even seem to be a silver lining in this cloud. I guess the only thing to do is wait watch and hope for the best. I hope this will pass.

Reminiscing back 7 years.. I landed up in Nagpur on 9/11. What a day to make an entry to college. With the aftershocks of the attack I thought my career was going to go up in smoke like the Twin Towers. The IT industry crashed. More about Nagpur later. I can write books on that. But everythings a cycle and things rebounded back by 2005. Everything seemed rosy then. Going by the same logic, I think 2011 will be a good year (Disclaimer: Its just a thought in a blog, dont take it seriously). Well, the point im trying to make is eventually things will turn around. Everythings a big equation whose sum total is zero. It just depends which part of the equation youre on, and when are you on it.

I mean, look at me, I was doing night shifts in a musty old building in esplanade with ghosts for company (Im serious, there were just 2 persons in a 16 storeyed 50 year old building and the bathroom was half a mile away) and now im writing a blog sitting here in usa. So I guess that balances things out.

I guess Ill stop here for now, or my limited writing prowess will start showing and flaws will begin to appear. So till next time (which will be when someone actually says something good about this) ;) take care

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The beginning

Ahh a blog finally.... I thought what the heck... lets jump onto the bandwagon of bloggers... everyone seems to be doing it these days... It seems to have become a medium for people to express their (pseudo)intellectuality. Dont brand me a cynic yet (After all I have joined :) )... Its an interesting concept with its own quirks.. but atleast it forces people to think, which seems to have become a rarity these days..Im just thinking of this as a medium to express a few random thoughts.. some things which i might laugh at ten years down the line, maybe be embarassed... Or i might not even care. I might probably lose interest soon, but again, its the cynic in me that speaks.. so lets be optimistic....

Enough of my random warbling for now... ill probably put down a few cohesive lines when i have a little more idea of what im doing here... Not just here as in here in cyberspace.. but also in this country.. I mean what am I really doing here and why? Its a very existentialist question and ill probably "figure something out" as my boss says... as I have been doing all along.. But essentially its a little difficult to understand how i got here in such a mess.. so totally immersed in a life which is so alien to what i "think" i should be doing. Notice the "think" within quotes as it is not necessarily an opinion shared by others.

Well if youre really still reading this post then this means you really have nothing much to do or youre able to make sense of some things which I still havent been able to figure out. But the story starts in class 9. I had this grand idea of software professionals. i used to think that they belong to some other planet with all the good things in life and I (why I have no idea) aspired to be one. By a stroke of luck I landed a job with one, despite a pathetic education which offered no practical knowledge. By the time i realised im not cut out for all this, It was too late, and hence, then end result - me sitting here in some lonely philadelphia suburb after a hectic so called "onsite" life as a software professional listening to Shakti and writing this post who probably a cumulutative of 5 people might read and curse me for wasting their time.

Well, that probably wasnt a very happy beginning, but I hope to write more interesting things, because there have been plenty of such events in a very eventful few years